Tibetan translation proofreading

You love to get a tibetan translation: We are aware of the multiple options Internet offers to translate texts into Tibetan these days.

Because of this, more and more mistakes slip in tattoo designs provided by automatic translator and unfortunately once you get it tattooed it is too late to change! This happens mostly with non-Tibetan websites offering translations into Tibetan but on doubtful basis.

tibetan tattoo back woman This is the reason why at Tibetan-calligraphy.com, we offer you a very unique and special service of double checking your Tibetan translation. The proof-reading of your texts is done by Master Choktsang himself, respecting the Tibetan traditional language and vocabulary.

If there is a mistake in your tattoo design, we will tell you what kind it is and will help you to fix it if necessary through Tibetan-calligraphy.com solutions.

Please send us your Tibetan calligraphy by e mail to the following address: [email protected]


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