Learn Your First Words In Tibetan

First of all polite words are the most important words to learn:

  • Who is this? Su ré
  • Yes Ré / Lasso
  • No Ma ré
  • It’s ok Ndug’ré
  • It’s not ok Ndug maré
  • It’s good Yakpo ndug
  • Thank you Tuteche
  • How are you? Kousou demo
  • Come in Yar Pep
  • Please sit down Jug rog nang
  • Goodbye (to someone leaving) Kalé pep
  • Sorry Gong Da
  • Welcome Pep su cheu
  • What is your name? Che ming karé
  • My name is... Ngai ming la…
  • Where do you come from? Kawa ni pep pa
  • Where are you going? Kawa pep ka