We deliver quality designs of Tibetan scripts for tattoos. Please let us know your questions, we will answer in this page :

Q : Who designs the calligraphy that I have ordered?

Lungtok-ChoktsangMaster Choktsang (biography here) : he is a Tibetan artist and a professor of Tibetan language in the famous University of Oriental Languages in Paris (France). He is the one who produces each of our artworks – no one else !

He also translates and certifies the whole quality of the work.




Q : Is it reliable that will mean what my text says?

Master Choktsang is a Tibetan doctor, graduated from Gansu University in Tibet.He also has a Master in Tibetan (Tibetan medecine specialization) from the famous Oriental Languages University in Paris (www.inalco.fr), where he’s been teaching Tibetan for the last 8 years!

Q : The first “letter” and the last one are the same as the design I had before. Is this maybe just for decoration?

The first and lest letters are grammatical marks for begining and endind a sentens. Like capital letter and the ending point.

Q : When can I expect my calligraphy?

We‘re delivering by 5 days after payment.

Q : I would like birthdates of my children.

In Tibetan numbers are wrotten only in cursive script. Please find the link where you could have a look about the execution: https://www.tibetan-calligraphy.com/en/tibetan-script/design-tibetan-numbers/

Q : How many words for the inner wrist ?

You could get in the inner wrist most of the time 1 word in cursive script, could be 2 in traditional front.

Q : I would do the name of my children. Could you translate them?

All names are phoneticaly translated like in any foreing language. We pay a special attention to stick clsoer as possible to the original sound.

Q : I’m interested to get either of those two designs in 2 rows rather than 1 row. Where could I leave some note?

Please add your remark at special comment area at the payment step to describe what you wish to do to the artist

Q : Can you please tell me in what file format is it delivered?

We’re delivering in . png format

Q : I would like ” David & Barbara “

The typo “&” doesn’t exist in tibetan language, it comes from typewriter. You can replace the „&“-sign with „and“ or a „+“.

 Q : Do symbols exist in tibetan language?

In tibetan language there is no symbol/ideogram like in chinese or japanese. There are letters and syllables like in English language.

 Q : For my sentens, is it the same length between cursive script and traditional script ?

Most of the time cursive script is a little bit longer than traditional script (+30%).


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  1. I already have my quote translated into Tibetan, but I would like it to be written in tsugmakhyug script style. What would be the the cost?

  2. Hello Sue,
    best is to send us a mail with the link to the calligraphy style that you want. We will let you know if we are able to realise this kind of drawings 🙂

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