How to choose the best tattoo shop

Tattoo Shop : How to Choose the Best Tattoo Shop

Choosing the right tattoo shop is the key to achieving the perfect tattoo. It is very logical, but to think that you simply have to look for someone with a good work history is not enough. To learn how to choose the best tattoo shop, today we bring you some good tips that are always […]


Tattoos : What Are the Parts of the Body That Girls Like Most?

Tattoos make girls charming As a young and pretty girl, one of the ways to express yourself is by getting charming tattoos. There are certain parts to place your tattoo that can make you irresistible. Often times, when we talk about tattoos for women, the first thing that comes to mind, which no one can […]

asian tattoo

Asian tattoo: how to choose the design ?

An Asian tattoo design reflects your personality So you are seeking to get tattooed and are now faced with the question: “what are the best  asian tattoo designs will I go for”. This is very general and common issue. It is usually the start problem that someone has to face when getting inked the start time. In […]

Girls and tattoo art: the secrets of our customers

What is this story about girls and tattoos? Being a girl and wanting to get a tattoo sometimes means standing out from the other half of the human population and aspiring to more different achievements. No, I do not want to suffer to be beautiful. Leave that to these gentlemen who, whatever they might have […]

japanese tattoo covering the entire body

Japanese tattoos : Origin and expansion

Japanese tattoo was an instrument for punishment Initially (until the 16th century) japanese tattoo was an instrument for punishment used in the army. From there it was gradually deported in society under the name of Irezumi – of “Ire” and “Sumi” meaning “place” and “ink”. Japanese tattoo across the body. The tattoo became ornamental in the 17th […]

Sak Yant, the art of sacred tattoos in Thailand

Sak Yant has its roots in Buddhism, animism or even Brahmanism If there is one country where the tattoo has become a sacred art, it is Thailand. Well-known from tattoo enthusiasts, the Sak Yant is a complex system. Its roots provide in Buddhism, animism or even Brahmanism. Its iconography is composed of charts, sacred formulas and […]

A tattoo artist that gives Tibetan tattoos

A map of tattooists: some of those who work with our designs Inking a Tibetan tattoo is not common; so do not hesitate to consult the map of tattoo artists that we recommend and have already used our designs. The list was compiled based on our customers, who have sent us a picture that reflects […]

Price of a Tattoo: how much does it cost?

That’s it; you’ve made your choice: your tattoo will be Tibetan which will make it unique! Far from the category of flash tattoos reproduced thousands of times by hundreds of tattoo artists worldwide. But prices may vary a lot depending on the kind of tattoo. For a flash tattoo, the price is fixed and mentioned […]

A tattoo for my Mother

Happy mothers’ day ! Of course, this calligraphy was made on Mother’s Day by Master Choktsang. It means “Happy Mother’s Day to all moms” at the request of many of our customers. In fact, in Tibet, this day does not exist. However, the celebration of the parents is firmly rooted in the Tibetan world, because […]

Your tattoo and epidural

Tattoo and epidural are closely linked if you are a girl and you do not want to give up on your tattoo project despite having children. Where is epidural pricked ? If modern times have brought us epidural (loco-regional analgesia), this is not a reason to deprive yourself from getting a beautiful vertical tattoo whether […]