Circular tattoo design

Meaningful tattoo : tibetan circle

Ask for your own translation :


Commission your own meaningful translation, handwritten per a renowed tibetan artist.

Get a unique tattoo in ordering your own words : we will be translating them for you! This all rounded calligraphy is achieved with classic cursive script. The circle may include a Tibetan symbol or a translated name.

In Tibetan : Khyugs or Rgyug 

The circle is formed by a sentence or a minimum of 3 words which will make it meaningful; it is of a great result for all kinds of body art. Master Choktsang has created this calligraphy based on circular block script composition which is one of the most popular for a unique tattoo on shoulder, or ankle.
This very feminine shape allows the combination of a sentence or proverb with a name.

Meaningful tattoos pictures : tattoos for girls and guys

meaningful tattoo : tibetan circle for a woman Meaningful tattoo: tibetan circle for a guy


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