Tibetan calligraphy vertical 1730
Ref: 1730
Translation of a quote or proverb in Tibetan to an awesome calligraphy
tibetan design lettering script calligraphy for tattoo 2400
Classical cursive thick line
Ref: 2400
Names and words are designed in this very smooth style
tibetan tattoo spine design 2250
Artistic vertical block script
Ref: 2250
Translation of words or sentences for an original tattoo.
tibetan design ref 1500
Classical cursive
Ref: 1500
Translation of a sentence or proverb on one or two lines.
Tibetan drawing: vertical composition
Vertical composition
Ref: 1000
Acheived with a central word concept and 3 to 4 words surrounding it
design tattoo tibet spirale ref 1850
Cursive spiral
Ref: 1850
It allows translation of a sentence, a proverb, or several names
Tibetan script tattoo design ref 1800
Classical cursive with red accents
Ref: 1800
Translation of sentences or proverbs
Tibetan writing: body art and tattoo designs by a true artist ref 2310
Circular cursive composition
Ref: 2310
Tibetan body art round & circle with buddhist symbol inside
Tibetan letters for tibetan tattoos: tibetan calligraphy quotes & names 2460
Cursive Drutsa
Ref: 2460
Translation of a few words or a sentence.
Tibetan symbols tattoos: artistic translation writings ref 1700
Artistic block script with red Ka
Ref: 1700
One word or several words on a red decoration ground
Tibetan writings tattoos: artistic script & translation ref 1930
Artistic block script
Ref: 1930
One or several words will render a great artistic tattoo
Brush design
Ref: 1760
Translation of a few words for an original and stunning brush design style tattoo.
Om symbol: tibetan design for tattoos - handmade script 2200
Block script with red Om
Ref: 2200
Translation of sentence, emphasized with a red Om sign.
Tibetan tattoo tibetan symbols: artist calligraphy ref 2360
Circular block script composition
Ref: 2360
Made with a central word concept and a sentence forming a circle around it.
Tibetan script tattoos: translation writings body art ref2450
Cursive long legs
Ref: 2450
Translation of a few words, sentences or proverbs, in a stretched style
Tibetan names : quality script writing tattoo ref2800
Circular artistic block script
Ref: 2800
A translation of one to three words for a unique circular shaped tattoo
Tibetan tattoo - vertical script handmade calligraphy ref 1210
Vertical block script in columns
Ref: 1210
Translation of proverbs, prayers or small poems
Tibetan symbols for tattoos: artistic composition, translation and writings in traditional block script 2225
Traditional block script
Ref: 2225
Tibetan designs for tattoos: circle with english-tibetan translation writing ref 2350
Artistic circular block script
Ref: 2350
Minimum three words necessary for this turn around calligraphy
Tibet calligraphy: translation writing of names - mongol script ref 1160
Mongol contours
Ref: 1160
Buddhist mongol tattoo design names quotes ref 2550
Circular mongol seal
Ref: 2550
Translation of 1or 2 words or names
Mongol tibetan tattoo word translation
Mongol 1 column
Ref: 1150
tibetan protection tattoo translations names and tattoos 1960
Monk script
Ref: 1960
Translation of words or sentences as a tribute to Tibetan monks.
tibetan tattoo body art 4000
Small classic vertical
Ref: 4000
Translation of one or two words maximum.
tibetan calligraphy artistic design ondes
Block script wavy lines
Ref: 7000
Translation of a proverb or a sentence.
Small cursive vertical
Ref: 2500
A discreet and customized tattoo for one or two words
Tibetan writing translation for tattoos artistic script 2700
Small cursive wide line
Ref: 2700
Translation of one or two words maximum.
tibetan tribal tattoo design 2650
Square mongol seal
Ref: 2650
Translation of 1 word or name
Tibetan writings for tattoos artistic script and translation tribal 6150
Tibetan tribal
Ref: 6150
Marriage of tribal design and Tibetan cursive classic script
Vertical cursive in columns
Ref: 1910
Translation of proverbs, sentences or prayers for star tattoo
tibetan tattoo circle design
Ref: 2300
Translation of minimum 3 words to design this very original circle.
Simple vertical block script
Ref: 1900
Translation of 1 or 2 words maximum from top to bottom
Long vertical block script
Ref: 1210-1
Very much adapted to the spinal it can also be placed on a shoulder blade or on the side.
Artistic tribal block script
Ref: 6200
One or several words embellished with a tribal design.
Coloured floral tribal
Ref: 6100
Tibetan tribal design for a colorful tattoo.
tibetan tattoo design-2380
Block script contour
Ref: 2380