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No machine translation

Your tattoo will be translated by a Tibetan translator who will check with you the English meaning if necessary. Unlike Google Translate.


Man or woman,that your tattoo design be for your wrist, arm or back, it will always be realized in the same manner: by a human being.

Origin: Tibet

We struggle for Tibet to survive.
This is why you can be sure we will always deliver a best in class translation

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Letter tattoos: how to choose them – advice from a Tibetan artist.

Would you rather have a letter tattoo rather an image or a drawing, but you don’t know which to choose? Here are some ideas ! They may aid you in choosing what to write on your back or at the base of your shoulder. What should be the length of the text in my tattoo? First of […]

Girls and tattoo art: the secrets of our customers

Being a girl and wanting to get a tattoo sometimes means standing out from the other half of the human population and aspiring to more different achievements. No, I do not want to suffer to be beautiful. Leave that to these gentlemen who, whatever they might have said, have adopted well to this ritual! I […]

japanese tattoo covering the entire body

Japanese tattoos : Origin and expansion

Japanese tattoo was an instrument for punishment Initially (until the 16th century) japanese tattoo was an instrument for punishment used in the army, from there it was gradually deported in society under the name of Irezumi – of “Ire” and “Sumi” meaning “place” and “ink”. Japanese tattoo across the body: The tattoo became ornamental in the 17th […]